Your Adult Dog: Here’s What to Expect at 5 to 6 Years


That furry little ball that you bought a few years ago has now grown up into a handsome strong dog. He does not like to play like before or jump around like before. Before you can notice, he has mellowed down and his food needs have also changed. The reason? Your dog is growing just like you!

As a dog ages, his needs change. Here is what you can expect from your dog of 5 to 6 yrs of age:

  • Your dog is now an adult dog and stops growing as he has reached his full growth
  • He does not need to eat as much and as frequently as he did a few years ago when he was a growing pup
  • They need their sleep and prefer comfortable beds. If you have a lab, chose one from dog beds for labs to ensure your dog gets good sleep
  • He understands your moods better and is able to sense when you are happy or sad and some dogs can behave accordingly too
  • He is not too thrilled about a new dog or a new pet in the house as he has settled down and has marked his territory. This does not mean he will harm the little pup your bought last week, but he may not be too keen on jumping around or playing like that pup
  • He needs regular checkups with the vet and vaccinations as per his age and health issues doing the rounds
  • If he has a furry coat, he will start shedding and his fur may not be as smooth to touch or shine like before. He may even need a food specifically designed for a good coat
  • If your dog has not been very active all these years, you may notice he is gaining weight or is having trouble moving. This could be due to weak bones or muscles or even joint problems.