Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips for the Over 40s


Read on to know the top 10 health and fitness tips for the over 40s:

Work out for 30 min:  Work out at least 30 minutes daily.  You can subscribe to a gym or you can do your regular walking, jogging or yoga.  Take up exercising after your medical checkup so that you do not overdo strenuous exercise inappropriate for your age.

Advise of a medical practitioner:  Take up the health and fitness tips as advised by your doctor.  Do not miss your regular health checkups.

Diet:  Ensure you follow a healthy diet.  Take the help of helloketodiet for avoiding wrong diets that might affect your health.  At this age, you need fewer carbs and more of nutrition to avoid age-related health issues.

Destress:  At the 40’s one would have more family responsibilities as well as pressure at workplace due to the height of a career.  Meditate daily to destress.  Take up short vacations and hobbies to ensure you do not accumulate mental pressure.

Sleep:  Ensure that you take adequate rest.  Sleep for at least 8 hours per day.  Only during sleep body can repair the damaged cells and revitalize your systems.

Alcohol:  Avoid smoking and alcohol.  At this age, it will cause a lot of heart and respiratory problems as your organs will not be able to withstand these.

Fats and sugars:  At 40s people tend to have lower physical work.  Hence it is good to avoid those excessive bad fats and sugars.

Green tea for rejuvenation:  Help reduce aging by consuming more of spinach, broccoli, and nuts.  Green tea helps in rejuvenation of the body.

Have health targets:  Have health targets like maintaining correct weight, achieving sugar control etc.

Love and care:  Ensure you give and get more of love and care so that your interest in leading a healthy life builds up.  This will improve your motivation to take up personal health oaths and reforms.