Most Important Vitamins and Minerals & Why Your Body Needs Them


There is hardly anyone who would not agree with the statement that vitamins and minerals play a very vital role in building our body and making it strong. They are known to fortify our muscles and strengthen the immunity of children for a healthy living. However, how many of us know which vitamin is good for what and which mineral does what in our body? Very few of us, right?

It is very essential to be aware of the individual roles of vitamins and minerals as they are actually powerhouses for our body. To enlighten you on which all vitamin and minerals are good for our body and how they help us stay fit, here is a small compilation of interesting data.

Essential vitamins and minerals for the human body

Some of the vitamins and minerals that are a blessing for our body include-

  • Vit A: This vitamin is very essential for the proper growth of our eyes, teeth, and You can find them in food items like carrots, sweet potatoes, and more.

  • Vit B: Vitamin B is responsible for producing energy in the body and absorbing iron. Enjoy bananas, lentils, and beans to get ample vitamin B for your body.

  • Vit C: It gives strength to our blood vessels and works as a brilliant anti-oxidant.

  • Vit D: If you want strong and healthy bones, vitamin D is what you need right now. Have enough egg and fish to get this vitamin

  • Vit K: This vitamin is necessary for blood coagulation. Consume a lot of leafy vegetables to get enough vitamin K for your body.

  • Folic Acid: This helps you in preventing your child from several diseases and other problems during pregnancy. Eat beans, nuts, seeds, corn, and broccoli to get folic acid.

  • Calcium: This nutrient helps you maintain healthy bones and teeth. Consume enough milk, vegetables, yogurt and other dairy products to fulfill your calcium needs.

  • Iron: For healthy blood flow and good muscle strength, our body needs ample amount of iron.

Having a good health is the biggest treasure you can create for yourself. Enjoy the health benefits by consuming these vitamins and minerals and get to find heaps more at Cum Swing With Me for a healthy and active sex life at the same time.