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Top 5 Surprising Natural Painkillers

The painkillers that are available over the counter could damage your gut lining. Here is how you can avoid these painkillers and instead look to use the natural painkillers that are readily available at home.


Turmeric gives our food a yellow color. This is the spice found in nature and it is also known to treat many conditions. Turmeric contains curcumin that is an antioxidant that offers many health benefits. The spice is used to treat pain and also relieves the pain in arthritis. The anti-inflammatory property of this spice is what lets it act as a natural pain relief agent.



Cloves are also a naturally available spice that gives food a flavor. It contains an active ingredient called the eugenol that acts as a natural pain reliever. For gum pains, it is recommended to rub some cloves on the gum. In fact, many kinds of toothpaste also contain cloves. It is important that one understands how to use it to relieve pain.



The extract from ginger is known to help with muscle and joint pain because it contains phytochemicals that help to soothe inflammation. It is important that one takes it in small doses only.


Cold pack and heat

This is the commonly used home remedy to cure pain. An ice pack helps to reduce pain immediately in case of strained muscle or ligament and brings relief. Heat can is applied once the inflammation reduces. Heat helps to reduce any stiffness that comes with pain.


This is made from the hot chili peppers and helps to relieve pain. It helps to not convey the pain to the brain.

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