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How To Lose 4 Lbs In A Week?

Losing 4 lbs in a week is not uncommon especially if you have significant amount of weight to lose. To lose 4 pounds in a week you will have to make extreme efforts as it is higher than the recommended rate. This is not suitable for a long term weight loss result and you can try this if you have a compulsion. The weight you want to lose in a week depends on how much calories you require to maintain the weight. If you want to lose more weight initially, you can choose programs like Nutrisystem that help you shed a higher amount of weight in the first month. Nutrisystem’s latest launch called FreshStart program claims to offer 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. Isn’t a great start? To learn more about Nutrisystem and its diet plan check this out now.

To lose one pound of fat you have to burn 3500 calories. Your daily calorie deficit would be 500 calories to lose one pound in a week. Therefore, to lose 4 lbs you will have to burn 14000 calories in a week which translates to 2000 calories deficit per day. It is hard to arrive at this deficit and you have to follow a very low calorie diet plan which is not recommended. Women should take minimum 1200 calories in a day while men should not eat fewer than 1600 calories.

It is not totally impossible to arrive at this deficit and you have to effectively combine a diet and exercise plan to achieve your goal. Giving up all high calorie drinks, processed foods and pastries will help you maintain a low calorie intake. Instead of consuming convenient foods you have to go for whole foods, lean protein, low fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. You can also consult a nutritionist to chart out a low calorie diet plan suitable for you.…

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8 Ways Stress Affects Men’s Health

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. It can never be avoided. Whether you like it or not, stress is present in every echelon of society and does not differentiate between gender and age. People try to develop their own strategies based on their capabilities and wisdom to face stressful situations. However, stress still manages to leave some negative impact on the body and mind.

Let us see some of the ways stress affects men’s health.

  1. It affects the hormones, especially cortisol, that are secreted by the body. This fluctuation in levels may lead to depression and constant anxiety. The constant primordial feeling of fight or flight still makes men become stressed out and they may take unnecessary risks.
  2. The stress may also lead to fluctuation in testosterone levels, leading to lower libido and impotence. You may find natural treatment at
  3. Chronic stress may lead to increased blood pressure and sugar levels. These two are the biggest diseases to hit men and may also lead to premature heart disease and death.
  4. Increased stress may lead to compulsive eating and other eating disorders. This, in turn, leads to various other diseases related to stomach.
  5. Lack of energy and disinterest in any activity is another side-effect of stress. They may lose interest even in their favorite activities.
  6. Work-related stress may discourage them to exercise or follow any interesting activity as they are constantly thinking about some work-related problem and cannot do anything else.
  7. All these factors may lead to obesity and we all know that it is a dangerous disease in itself. This becomes a vicious circle, one aspect leading to another, and before you know it the situation is out of control.
  8. Stress may lead men to become confused about their feelings. Depression apart, they do not know how to deal with stress so it may lead to dependence on drugs and alcohol.

We can see that stress does affect men in many ways. They need to handle it with care and patience so that their lives can become normal again. Some counseling will help men to get through this difficult period in their lives.

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Super Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

When I started out watching my weight I was confused:

Like I was really confused; I used metabolism with the term metabolic rate. You see there is a striking similarity between the two and a lot of people even innate experts will use the terms interchangeably but they are fundamentally different and each means another thing.

Metabolism means all the chemical changes that happen in the body and the rate of metabolism simply means that how the body burns its food and helps in doing away with all the extra calories and keeping them at bay.

Of course, it is obvious a person with a quicker metabolism will be able to keep her or his ideal weight whereas even a thoughtful eater will find it difficult to stay in shape it the rate of metabolism is unfortunately low.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways to boost metabolism:

  1. Thank god that metabolic rate can be fixed! Trying to include more proteins than other food group works wonders for the weight loss. I am saying this out of the experience that I have been able to put away a lot of excess baggage only because I consciously eat a high protein and high fiber diet.
  2. Stuff yourself with water! I have seen cases where the subject drink one liters of water before meals and the results are astounding. There are so many benefits to drinking water. Not only does it fill you up but it also pushes up the body temperature and as a result the metabolism becomes fast.

Intensive workouts can do the trick. If your body has gotten used to a particular type of exercise routine, break the monotony and do a more intensive and rigorous workout. This will push out-out of the comfort zone and also increase the rate of metabolism with the extra burst of energy and heat

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