Making Your Own Cannabis Creams And Salves

With the onset of the Internet, there are many people out there giving you advice on how to do one thing compared to another.  This is the same when it comes to talking about cannabis and other uses for the product besides smoking.

When we talk about cannabis, we are talking about the cannabis plant.  This plant has several great uses one of which is managing pain relief.  In most cases, when people hear the word cannabis they think of marijuana and the negative effects of the plant.  However, the hemp plant and the oils created from it have been shown to have long-lasting effects.  As such, many people are looking to buy their own hemp and weed online.  Listed below are some recommendations for you to make your own cannabis-based cream and or salve.

Before taking on this project, be aware that any legal or illegal activities are not encouraged.  Follow the guidelines of your specific state and town in regard to CBD and Cannabis usage.

What you will need

When it comes to making any type of cream you will need to use a standard list of ingredients.  If you are not interested in the cannabis portion of this recipe you can still make the cream omitting that one ingredient.  You can also add in additional elements such as oils, scents and more.  Be creative.

  • Dried Cannabis – this should be about seven to ten grams.
  • Coconut Oil – This should be about one and a half to two cups.
  • Olive Oil – this should be about a third of a cup. This is also optional if you are not fold of olive oil.
  • Beeswax – When using beeswax you can tailor the amount as needed depending on the thickness of your cream. Start with a third of a cup and move up from there.
  • A baking sheet.
  • Saucepan or a double boiler.
  • A jar or other container to hold your cream.
  • A cheesecloth for straining.
  • Essential oils for added relief and aromatherapy.

How to make it?

When it comes to making your cream you want to start by preheating your oven to two hundred and forty degrees.  On your baking sheet spread your cannabis out evenly.  From there place into the oven and bake for twenty to thirty minutes.

On a low heat pour your coconut oil and olive oil into the saucepan and place over the heat.  Stir for twenty minutes or until the cannabis is dry.  Once the cannabis is dry, remove from the oven and add to the oil mixture and stir for an additional twenty minutes.

After the cannabis has been infused into the oil mixture pour the oil into the cheesecloth to strain.  While it is straining melt the beeswax and any essential oils you want together in the saucepan.

Next you want to combine everything together.  You want to slowly combine the oils, beeswax together into the jars that you will use to store them in.  Do this slowly as not to spill.  Once your jars are fill you should have a nice collection of cannabis infused creams.  Allow to cool completely before using.