4 Exercises to Increase Your Lung Power


The capacity of the lung is the amount of air which your lungs could hold. As you age, the capacity decreases slowly.  Some medical conditions speed up the reduction in lung functioning and capacity and it will lead to shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. Also, smoking makes your lung weaker. Alternative of smoking is using dab pen which does not affect lung as much as smoking. I got the best dab pens from here. There are few exercises which will help in making your lung stronger.

Rib stretch- Stand straight and exhale all oxygen from the lungs. Then breathe in slowly and hold how much ever air you can. Hold it for 15 seconds and then slowly exhale. Do it 3 times a day. Place the hands on the waist and alternatively bend on each side.

Pursed-lips breathing- Through the nostrils inhale slowly. Purse the lips as if you are about to blow. Exhale out slowly through the pursed lips. Repeat the process.

Abdominal breathing- For this exercise, you need to lie down on the back with one hand placed on the abdomen and another hand on chest. Underneath your knees place a pillow. Breathe in through your nose, hold it and exhale through your mouth. Repeat it 10 times.

Oriental breath- You need to stand up for this. In front of the left leg, you need to keep the right leg. By keeping the shoulders relaxed, squeeze in the glutes and lean backward slightly.  Inhale within 3 seconds. As you inhale move the hands over to your head. Pause for a second. Exhale with force.  Repeat it at least 3 times.

Water-based exercises- Water workouts help in strengthening your lungs. You need to make sure that you are neck deep while performing water exercise. With regular workout, it will help in increasing the lung’s efficiency.