Day: January 5, 2019

8 Ways Stress Affects Men’s Health

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. It can never be avoided. Whether you like it or not, stress is present in every echelon of society and does not differentiate between gender and age. People try to develop their own strategies based on their capabilities and wisdom to face stressful situations. However, stress still manages to leave some negative impact on the body and mind.

Let us see some of the ways stress affects men’s health.

  1. It affects the hormones, especially cortisol, that are secreted by the body. This fluctuation in levels may lead to depression and constant anxiety. The constant primordial feeling of fight or flight still makes men become stressed out and they may take unnecessary risks.
  2. The stress may also lead to fluctuation in testosterone levels, leading to lower libido and impotence. You may find natural treatment at
  3. Chronic stress may lead to increased blood pressure and sugar levels. These two are the biggest diseases to hit men and may also lead to premature heart disease and death.
  4. Increased stress may lead to compulsive eating and other eating disorders. This, in turn, leads to various other diseases related to stomach.
  5. Lack of energy and disinterest in any activity is another side-effect of stress. They may lose interest even in their favorite activities.
  6. Work-related stress may discourage them to exercise or follow any interesting activity as they are constantly thinking about some work-related problem and cannot do anything else.
  7. All these factors may lead to obesity and we all know that it is a dangerous disease in itself. This becomes a vicious circle, one aspect leading to another, and before you know it the situation is out of control.
  8. Stress may lead men to become confused about their feelings. Depression apart, they do not know how to deal with stress so it may lead to dependence on drugs and alcohol.

We can see that stress does affect men in many ways. They need to handle it with care and patience so that their lives can become normal again. Some counseling will help men to get through this difficult period in their lives.

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