Month: January 2019

4 Exercises to Increase Your Lung Power

The capacity of the lung is the amount of air which your lungs could hold. As you age, the capacity decreases slowly.  Some medical conditions speed up the reduction in lung functioning and capacity and it will lead to shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. Also, smoking makes your lung weaker. Alternative of smoking is using dab pen which does not affect lung as much as smoking. I got the best dab pens from here. There are few exercises which will help in making your lung stronger.

Rib stretch- Stand straight and exhale all oxygen from the lungs. Then breathe in slowly and hold how much ever air you can. Hold it for 15 seconds and then slowly exhale. Do it 3 times a day. Place the hands on the waist and alternatively bend on each side.

Pursed-lips breathing- Through the nostrils inhale slowly. Purse the lips as if you are about to blow. Exhale out slowly through the pursed lips. Repeat the process.

Abdominal breathing- For this exercise, you need to lie down on the back with one hand placed on the abdomen and another hand on chest. Underneath your knees place a pillow. Breathe in through your nose, hold it and exhale through your mouth. Repeat it 10 times.

Oriental breath- You need to stand up for this. In front of the left leg, you need to keep the right leg. By keeping the shoulders relaxed, squeeze in the glutes and lean backward slightly.  Inhale within 3 seconds. As you inhale move the hands over to your head. Pause for a second. Exhale with force.  Repeat it at least 3 times.

Water-based exercises- Water workouts help in strengthening your lungs. You need to make sure that you are neck deep while performing water exercise. With regular workout, it will help in increasing the lung’s efficiency.

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget

When you are creating a budget for the family, you need to include all your necessities in the budget so that you can make a provision to satisfy these necessities.  Always in your budget calculate the total income in a month and total expenses in a month so that you can allocate some funds in your income.  Also, check for the unnecessary expenses you are making monthly and it is essential to keep a good track record of your monthly expenses so that you can avoid them.

The following are the ways to stay healthy within your budget;

  1. Plan your daily or weekly meals so that you can ensure the availability of the required items well in advance and also you can avoid the last minute rush.
  2. If possible try to avail coupons in the stores where many offers and discounts can also be availed in the online stores too. This may help you to get top coupons even in the other stores so that you can also redeem those coupons later.
  3. In many stores, frozen veggies, fruits and meat are available in the stores and you can make use of it.
  4. Soup is the best food when you are sick and you can buy them at times to maintain within your budget and also you can make use of them.
  5. Many people are wasting the food in a large quantity and one of the best ways to save your money is not to waste the foodstuff you have cooked for the meals. Plan for a day and then cook accordingly for the members within the family.
  6. Some branded items are costly whereas some other items are not so costly. You need to decide which branded items are good and which non-brand items can be purchased so that you can buy them by saving a penny.
  7. Try to buy veggies and fruits which are available in the particular season. Never buy non-seasonal foods since it may add on to your budget.
  8. Learn the items which are literally necessary for the meals so that you can buy them without any excuses.
  9. Some items can be purchased with a delay or postponing the purchase option. Think of those items and plan accordingly while making any budget.
  10. Some items are cheap and you can buy them in a bulk and store it since these items are stored even for a longer time.
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8 Ways Stress Affects Men’s Health

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. It can never be avoided. Whether you like it or not, stress is present in every echelon of society and does not differentiate between gender and age. People try to develop their own strategies based on their capabilities and wisdom to face stressful situations. However, stress still manages to leave some negative impact on the body and mind.

Let us see some of the ways stress affects men’s health.

  1. It affects the hormones, especially cortisol, that are secreted by the body. This fluctuation in levels may lead to depression and constant anxiety. The constant primordial feeling of fight or flight still makes men become stressed out and they may take unnecessary risks.
  2. The stress may also lead to fluctuation in testosterone levels, leading to lower libido and impotence. You may find natural treatment at
  3. Chronic stress may lead to increased blood pressure and sugar levels. These two are the biggest diseases to hit men and may also lead to premature heart disease and death.
  4. Increased stress may lead to compulsive eating and other eating disorders. This, in turn, leads to various other diseases related to stomach.
  5. Lack of energy and disinterest in any activity is another side-effect of stress. They may lose interest even in their favorite activities.
  6. Work-related stress may discourage them to exercise or follow any interesting activity as they are constantly thinking about some work-related problem and cannot do anything else.
  7. All these factors may lead to obesity and we all know that it is a dangerous disease in itself. This becomes a vicious circle, one aspect leading to another, and before you know it the situation is out of control.
  8. Stress may lead men to become confused about their feelings. Depression apart, they do not know how to deal with stress so it may lead to dependence on drugs and alcohol.

We can see that stress does affect men in many ways. They need to handle it with care and patience so that their lives can become normal again. Some counseling will help men to get through this difficult period in their lives.

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Top 5 Surprising Natural Painkillers

The painkillers that are available over the counter could damage your gut lining. Here is how you can avoid these painkillers and instead look to use the natural painkillers that are readily available at home.


Turmeric gives our food a yellow color. This is the spice found in nature and it is also known to treat many conditions. Turmeric contains curcumin that is an antioxidant that offers many health benefits. The spice is used to treat pain and also relieves the pain in arthritis. The anti-inflammatory property of this spice is what lets it act as a natural pain relief agent.



Cloves are also a naturally available spice that gives food a flavor. It contains an active ingredient called the eugenol that acts as a natural pain reliever. For gum pains, it is recommended to rub some cloves on the gum. In fact, many kinds of toothpaste also contain cloves. It is important that one understands how to use it to relieve pain.



The extract from ginger is known to help with muscle and joint pain because it contains phytochemicals that help to soothe inflammation. It is important that one takes it in small doses only.


Cold pack and heat

This is the commonly used home remedy to cure pain. An ice pack helps to reduce pain immediately in case of strained muscle or ligament and brings relief. Heat can is applied once the inflammation reduces. Heat helps to reduce any stiffness that comes with pain.


This is made from the hot chili peppers and helps to relieve pain. It helps to not convey the pain to the brain.

Next time when in pain make sure to try out these home remedies instead of taking any over the counter medication. Also, check out the Loads of Kratom at…

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Your Adult Dog: Here’s What to Expect at 5 to 6 Years

That furry little ball that you bought a few years ago has now grown up into a handsome strong dog. He does not like to play like before or jump around like before. Before you can notice, he has mellowed down and his food needs have also changed. The reason? Your dog is growing just like you!

As a dog ages, his needs change. Here is what you can expect from your dog of 5 to 6 yrs of age:

  • Your dog is now an adult dog and stops growing as he has reached his full growth
  • He does not need to eat as much and as frequently as he did a few years ago when he was a growing pup
  • They need their sleep and prefer comfortable beds. If you have a lab, chose one from dog beds for labs to ensure your dog gets good sleep
  • He understands your moods better and is able to sense when you are happy or sad and some dogs can behave accordingly too
  • He is not too thrilled about a new dog or a new pet in the house as he has settled down and has marked his territory. This does not mean he will harm the little pup your bought last week, but he may not be too keen on jumping around or playing like that pup
  • He needs regular checkups with the vet and vaccinations as per his age and health issues doing the rounds
  • If he has a furry coat, he will start shedding and his fur may not be as smooth to touch or shine like before. He may even need a food specifically designed for a good coat
  • If your dog has not been very active all these years, you may notice he is gaining weight or is having trouble moving. This could be due to weak bones or muscles or even joint problems.

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